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Long term planmodule: Module 2 Myschool

  1. Counting Numbers 1-10 Kindergarten Numbers & Counting Worksheet Online reading & math for K-5 Circle the correct number of objects: Circle 7 hearts Circle 6.
  2. The residents of Sesame Street count from one to ten and illustrate how each quantity can describe something familiar Notes. ENCRYPTED DAISY download. For print-disabled users. 14 day loan required to access EPUB and PDF files.

Free printable worksheets for kids. Email us; PlayWorkSheet Numbers From One To Ten. Number; counting; colorful; toddler; Download PDF File Download JPG File. Natural numbers, such as 1, 2, 3, are used for counting and ordering. Learning numbers is essential for kids, because it is an important foundation for understanding mathematics.

Lesson:Storytime ‘Count to ten’Yy,Zz


School: S/s:Sam

Date: 23.11.2017


Count to ten pdf free download free

Class:1 а,ә,б,в,г

Number ofpresent:


Learning objective(s) thatthis lesson is contributing to:

1.L3 recognise with supportcommon names and names of places; recognise the spoken form of alimited range of everyday and classroomwords

1.S1 make basic personalstatements about people, objects and classroomroutines

Count To Ten Pdf free. download full

1.S3 pronounce familiar wordsand expressions intelligibly

1.UE2 use cardinal numbers 6 -10 to count.

Count To Ten Pdf free download. software


All learners will be ableto:count from 1 to 10 and to nameschool objects.

Most learners will be ableto:distinguish between odd andeven numbers.

Some learners will be ableto:learn about schools in the UK,Russia and Kazakhstan. To explore other subject areas(Maths)

Languageobjectives:story cards, photocopies ofthe story cards from the teacher’s Resource Pack CD-ROM, one setper pupil.


By the end of the lessonlearners will be able to

-count numbers from 1 to10;

- use singular nouns,plural nouns to talk aboutthings;

- ask and answer thequestions using the structure: How many….?

Key words andphrases:

Numbers: six, seven, eight,nine, ten Plural noun How many pens? Sixpens.

How many ….? ….…….

Discussionpoints:Have a discussion in L1 ifnecessary about the moral of the story. Explain to the pupils thatwe sometimes have to resourceful and think of different ways to dothings.

Can you saywhy? …..animals laughed from theantilope?

Writingprompts: exercises 1,2 on page41

Assessment forTeaching

Criteria basedassessment


Count numbers from 6 to 10expressively, interact usingquestion-answers



listens and points to theright number

makes up right questions usingthe structure How many…?

Self-assessment: Handsignals

How to overcome barriers inlearning English

-Use miming,gestures

-Be friendly and communicativewith learners

-Encourage active enquirybased learning and learner research

Previouslearning:numbers from 1 to10



Start (Beginning of thelesson)

Greeting: Teacher greets learners;learners respond to greeting and take theirplaces. Dividing intosubgroups: Warming up: Revising the previous lesson: Uuand Vv

Middle (of thelesson)


Pupils book Smiles Magazinepage 28. Ex 3. Count to ten! A story from Africa. Pupils shouldlisten to the story. Then pupils will countnumbers.


Point to the objects and namethem. Name the colours of theobjects.

Example: This is a ruler. Itis a blue ruler.

Song: Pencils in myschool bag, CD, DVD players,worksheet, school objects, notebook

End (of thelesson)


Listen and do. Repeat afteryour teacher.

Stand up,please.

Hands up, handsdown.

Hands on hips, sitdown.

Bent left, bentright

1, 2, 3 hop 1, 2, 3stop!

Stand still,please.

Descriptor: Alearner

follows instructionscorrectly;

repeats after theteacher


Differentiation - how doyou plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge themore able learners?

Assessment - how are youplanning to check learners’learning?

Cross – curricular linkshealth and safety check ICTlinks

Values links



- What did we do today on thelesson?

What did the learners learntoday?

Count To Ten PDF Free Download

What was the learningatmosphere like?


What two things went reallywell (consider both teaching andlearning)?



What two things would haveimproved the lessons (consider both teachings andlearning)?

Count To Ten PDF Free Download



What have learned from hislesson about this lesson about the class or individuals that willinform my next lesson?