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In Lausanne, come and see our Atelier Café Vélo TNCE !
4.58/5 (3352 votes)
Duration : 1:55
Downloads : 369693
Download this hilarious trailer for this animated film coming on Spring 2002
Portable player :
on 22 September 2013
on 7 May 2012
on 18 December 2011
Wow! It's funny!
on 3 April 2011
thank you
on 21 September 2009
lo amo!!!
on 6 February 2009
on 14 December 2005
Get the song on Amazon:
on 6 May 2005
While we are on the subject of Ice Age Songs, anyone out there know the name of the first song playing over the closing credits?
on 14 April 2005
The song is 'Send Me On My Way' by Rusted Root
on 5 March 2005
Hiya ppl!!
Can sum1 tell me wat the song in ice age is called, its near the end and it goes sumthin like on my way HELP PLZZ! SUM1!!
on 17 March 2004
its avery nice work
on 8 March 2004
itss d greatest cartoon movie of all timez..
i really enjoyd watching it n its really funny n awfully great..
i luv all d characterz...
dey r soo cute n soo goood
n enjoying..
on 15 February 2004
I just love it, very funny. also very educative !
on 25 October 2003
I loved ice age the first time i saw it.Now i havr a 7 mo old baby girl and she loves scrat.Can anybody help me find a stuffed scrat doll? Thanks for the help.
on 2 May 2003
I saw the 'ICE AGE' movie and i kept laughing and i wish to see other films from 'ICE AGE's' company
on 6 February 2003
my daughter wants to know if more chants&response verses to dodo bird song 'I don't know but I've been told! End of the world be moghty cold'. Thanks.
on 21 January 2003
i am seriously looking for the Ice-Age poster which has the baby in it. If anyone has it and is willingly to sell, do email me at [email protected] Tks
on 5 December 2002
You can buy a SCRAT plush toy either on ebay or Go to BLOCKBUSTER!!!! Blockbuster is the only place selling them. I had to go to three Blockbusters before I could find him. Make sure you check the front of the store near the registers. I loved this movie and getting Scrat was pure happieness for me.
on 30 November 2002
my 206 hp jorn 568 plays it awesome. sound like DTS too.
on 30 October 2002
I just want say:
on 29 August 2002
does anyone know when the video comes out? I admit Scrat was hilarious, but the dodos really stole the show! it was the only time i've very nearly used the cinema seat as a toilet!
on 10 July 2002
Great movie.
When I feel down I watch the trailers and Scrat makes me cry out laughing.
I'd love to have the epilogue as a cut-out-scene mpeg.
on 1 July 2002
I want a movie just about Scrat! Scrat is the coolest animated character I have seen in YEARS!
He is our new Wile E. Coyote.
-- dave
on 25 June 2002
Creo que esta muy buena, Scrat es mi idolo. Vamos Uruguay!!!
on 14 June 2002
Can anyone tell me where I can find the stuffed animal version of Skrat? I have researched for days in Toys-R-Us, FAO Schwartz, Stuffed Animals in Yahoo, Fox Stores, Disney Stores, to no avail.
Thanks for your help, the researcher.
on 7 June 2002
This trailer is one of the funniest things I have ever seen, really incredible. I have seen the movie 'Ice Age', and it is one of the best movies that I have seen this year (and maybe one of the best I have ever seen) - in it`s genre it beats 'Final Fantasy' and many older CG animated movies except 'Shrek' ('Ice Age' and 'Shrek' are two movies of the same quality level) !
on 3 May 2002
I thing this trailer is better that will be the film ...
on 2 May 2002
Sorry, I can`t download the Ice Age Trailer. I wanted to download it with the Download Accelerator, but after 5 seconst it stoped. Is there a problem?????
on 22 April 2002
star wars will be the best, i promise you...
on 15 April 2002
It's very nice feature animation film, although i saw trailers of this animation.
My wish is production of aniamtion movies in my country.
Thanks for 'Ice Age' production group.
on 11 April 2002
Hey!!! I LOVE ICE AGE! It was so 'cool'! I also loved 'For The Birds' wich you can find at in the pixar section. I also loved monsters inc! it was cool too! does anyone know if there are any ice age screen savers?
on 9 April 2002
Rusted Root does the song Send me on my way...
Loved the movie, seen it 4 times.
on 8 April 2002
Anybody knows about some products? A Scrat stuffed toy?
I have to had such a toy!!! ;-)
on 8 April 2002
can anyone tell me who does the song 'send me on my way' ? or does anyone know where i can find soundtrack for the movie Matilda or Ice Age?
on 7 April 2002
I just sat in the back of the movie theatre and laughed real REAL loud at all the corny jokes... threw popcorn at people.... yeah it was an alright movie... but it wasn't 'GREAT' in my opinion, Me and my friends diddn't really go to watch the movie ...;-) thanks for the name of that song, i was looking for that... it was also used in that movie with the solar cars.. rising sun... or something like that..... on my way... da dada i would like to reach out my heart...
on 7 April 2002
Thanks alot Leigh. I really like that song/tune/track and I have been trying to find out its name. I remembered it from Matilda aswell but when I got home from the cinema/theatre I couldn't download it because I didn't know its name. Now, I have found it and I am in the process of downloading. You have made my day Leigh. Ice Age is the best animated movie I have ever seen!
on 4 April 2002
on 3 April 2002
One the funniest thing I have ever seen, as good as 'For the Birds'!!!
I hope the movie is just as good!!!
on 1 April 2002
One of the best animation movies I have ever seen. It must have taken a few years to create, but it's well worth it. I have to see this movie again. The characters and storyline are well done, as with the texturizing and modeling itself. Blue Sky Studios just made a national name for themselves.
on 1 April 2002
just saw it. The way they use the 'rodent' like a 'greek chorus' as entrance and exit and to tie parts together is wonderful...
on 29 March 2002
Probably the funniest trailer I have ever seen. Definitely embarrassed myself at the movies with all my laughing.
on 26 March 2002
It's been one of the greatest animated movies,
I've ever seen. I'm gonna watch it again tomorrow
evening. 'Send me on my way' from Rusted Root can
be found on the 'When I woke up' album. You should
be able to get it from Amazon. But there were some
other nice songs in that movie. I've tried to
catch it up from the movie credits, but the only
thing I was able to read was the rusted roots.
Does somebody know more?
on 25 March 2002
the song from the movie (send me on my way) can be found on the party of five soundtrack. I forget the singer/band name -- but that's where you can get it.
The funny think is that any time I've gone on a road trip -- i think it's the best song to drive
on 25 March 2002
hey! yea that song is from matilda 'send me on my way' i like it
on 24 March 2002
Loved the movie. The song 'Send me on my way' sounded so familiar. Anyone know if it's been used in other movies?
on 22 March 2002
Hi hier mal was aus Deutschland:
(translation: news from germany)
Scrat is the funniest animal I have ever seen in a Trailer. I found this Trailer on an DVD from a magazine. I love it. Scrat rulez the world!!
on 20 March 2002
Got to see it at the previews :)
Fell off my chair laughing! I hope they do a Scrat stuffed toy.
The Epilogue was the funniest thing I've ever seen. Good old Scrat ;)
on 20 March 2002
It's a very funny movie..I love this!
The cute 'Sid'...I love him so much...=)
Enjoy the show!
on 19 March 2002
This is in reply to the song from Ice Age. fenston1 was right that it is from Rusted Root, but the song is called 'Send Me On My Way' Thank you fenston1, my wife was begging me to find that song for her. I was able to find it after knowing who it was by. Thank you so much fenston1. This movie was excellent. I loved every minute of it from beginning to end.
on 18 March 2002
...wieso geht denn hier nichts???
Ich bekomme immer eine Fehlermeldung und kann mir gar nichts(keinen trailer) downloaden???
wieso???was mache ich falsch???
bitte helft mir!!!
on 18 March 2002
First there was Rush Hour 2, then Shrek, now Ice Age! Great movie...hilarious! The dodo birds was my favorite part!
on 18 March 2002
'Hold My Hand' is by the group Rusted Root... My wife was asking me when we went to the movies if I knew the song, and I remember it well. The movie was much better than I thought it would be, and had me laughing out loud more than once.
on 17 March 2002
This movie had me and my friends rolling in the isles. It's a great show, the squirrel is the funniest thing on this earth. I better get a stuffed animal of him for my birthday...hint hint mother.
Anyways, I'm asking if anybody knows who sings the 'hold my hand' song that they played a couple times throughout the movie. Anybody know?
on 15 March 2002
Iwatched this and the movie at the outdoor premiere at the Mall of America on March 12. I went with my polar bear club and we had to watch the movie in our bathing suits sitting outside on 200lb. blocks of ice!!!!! You may have seen this in the media. Despite all of that I thought it was a really 'COOOOL' movie. I am also taking the whole family to see it at the theater tonite as it opens today. So I can watch it when I am a little warmer!!! Still I loved it and thought it was great!!!!!
on 14 March 2002
anyone know if they've got any other ice age posters out besides that traditional one at thanx!
on 9 March 2002
Laughed so much I fell off my chair!
Saw this trailer at the movies a while ago. It was better than the main feature!
on 5 March 2002
I saw a trailer, very funny i can wait to see a movie, this movie reminds me a SHREK, supereb Animation
on 3 March 2002
Oh my God! I can't describe how desperate I am to see this movie!!!!
It looks fantastic, and I MUST get one of those Scrats! They are sooo cute!
best movie web site ever!
on 19 February 2002
This is sure to be a great movie, want a sneak preview for free? Download edonkey, do a search for ice age. Connect to a server and you will figure out the rest. Enjoy!
on 16 February 2002
Hello all friends from ice age,
the both trailers are sensational, this is the funniest i've ever seen.But i'm asking myself why we can't become more trailers?In my opinion Ice age had to become better promotion, outside of the Internet!the trailes had to be seen all around the World in Tv!It is an Film who could even be the most seen Film of the World.
Thanks for your time to read this and the other great comments to ice age, please send me an [email protected] when new trailers or so are in the web!Thanks!
on 14 February 2002
Did we have a small stream flowing down the isles at the cinema after watching this trailer?
Was more like a small River! caused by the tears rolling down peoples cheeks, wayhey, funniest thing, scince....the ice age!
WELL DONE, just hope film lives up to the trailer!
on 6 February 2002
I saw this some time back in a cinema, and it was completely unexpected! The whole audience in the cinema cracked up, and I kept thinking to myself, 'Gotta see that!!' Months went past, and I never heard anything more about ICE AGE until today, when I was sent a link to the trailer, which I have now downloaded. I can now hear everyone in the office opening it one by one, followed shortly afterwards by hysterical cackles, booming laughs and even a couple of snorts. I'm still thinking, 'Gotta see that!!'
on 31 January 2002
Wow !! This Squirrel is prettycool...
on 19 January 2002
This is the funniest trailer I have ever seen! I keep watching it and it has me roflmao!!
on 26 December 2001
The little squirrel/rat character is called a 'Scrat'. I saw it on the UK 'Ice Age' page:
They also have some cool ecards you can send to all your friends. I can't wait for this movie!!!
Keep them coming, Blue Sky & Fox!!
on 21 December 2001
Nice look and great animation. Sure to be a hit!!
on 21 December 2001
The character on all the Ice Age movie trailors and posters is awesome!!! One of the best I've ever seen to be honest. Can someone tell me why the character is having an IDENTITY CRISIS??? I find it strange that he is a main character with no name, no celebrity voice, and we still don't know what animal he is??? Anyone know the answer? Can you find out?
on 20 December 2001
The second trailer is also available on this site : :D
on 20 December 2001
YES! The second trailer find you on the offical site :
Greetings from Germany!
on 12 December 2001
does anybody know where i could get the second trailer in mpeg style??????
so far markus
ice is coming!!!!!!
on 12 December 2001
this has got to be the funniest thing i have ever seen
i went to the movies with all my classmates to see
harry potter and everyone was laughing so hard
especially me....hahaha....still cracks me up
its the best.......hes so cute.....I LUST LOVE IT!
on 10 December 2001
I saw the trailer just before the movie Harry Potter in Manila. Everyone thought it was just the introduction to the THX theater but was surprised that it was a movie.
that's what I call a teaser!
on 2 December 2001
What can i say more than MAGNIFICENT
on 1 December 2001
Just a few words:
Ice, Ice ,baby!
on 11 November 2001
WHOEHAHAHA KEWL!! I saw it in the theater as a trailer before the movie: swordfish. i could tell everybody the contents of the trailer, i had forgotten everything abou t the actual film swordfish. I m definitely goining to see this film!!!
on 10 November 2001
they have a bunch of their short films for download there.
on 9 November 2001
It's the Best Trailer i habe ever seen.
He is funnyyyyy, i like the Trailer
on 8 November 2001
OK...I am not the biggest fan of animation, but I *LOVED* this little thing. I also loved the animated short film(?) 'For The Birds' that I saw before Monsters Inc. - which I didn't like that much. Does anyone know where to find 'For The Birds'?????
on 6 November 2001
erm ? what was the name of the filem again ?
on 5 November 2001
Wow! Wow! and Wow! again
This is Fun !
on 4 November 2001
WOW, when I saw this trailer I knew I had to download it the next morning. Fortunately Nemesis told me to find it here. This little movie is soooo great. It's even better than 'for the birds' which was my favorite before this one.
Very good work! Going to look at squirrels very differently from now on:)
on 2 November 2001
This trailer is my favorite! Warms you up when you live on an icy little rock yourself! ;)
on 26 October 2001
Está de huevos jajajajajajaja!
on 23 October 2001
Roadrunner and the coyote say hello from the good of times. This clip is just great. I watch it over and over. Unfortunately will the clip be a stand alone feature, meaning that it doesn't appear in the movie and is a story ba itself. The movie will be much more serious and by far not that funny as this one. A pity...
on 18 October 2001
Great stuff, just brilliant... :o)
on 14 October 2001
**** r o f l ****
absolutely great
on 11 October 2001
it´s the best trailer for the movie which i have seen!! it´s very funny.........I like it
on 5 October 2001
Saw the preview in the cinema and just couldnt stop laughing! it took my girfriend quite some time to get the tears of laughter out of her eyes :)
on 30 September 2001
Has to be the most unfunniest thing ive ever seen.
only joking! its brilliant
on 26 September 2001
I saw this preview in cinema wathing 'A Knight's Tale' and I couldn't help myself.
I was rolling on the floor laughing, it's very great and I'll go to cinema again in a few days, to watch the complete movie.
on 26 September 2001
I saw the trailer in a sneak preview...
rotflbtcdicajttwadbsihpwtrhitsbkabayb = Rolling On The Floor laughing biting the carpet dancing in circles and jumping through the window almost dieing by smashing into HP who's then running horrified into the street beeing killed accidentally by a yellow bulldozer!
on 23 September 2001
Wow, this clip has the best reviews ever -- I can hardly wait to see it!
on 23 September 2001
on 19 September 2001
nice clip, the whole site overall is good!
on 19 September 2001
GREAT MOVIE! i laugh laugh & laugh hahhhhahhhahhhhahhhhhahh hah hahhhaa haha
he hooohehehhahhhahhhhaaaaahaahahahhhryhaaa
on 9 September 2001
The trailer for Ice Age was so unexpected. Here I was in the theatre waiting to see the scary, action flick Jurassic Park III, and the whole theatre burts into laughter when it came on. I hadn't laughed that hard in forever! It was AWESOME! I cant wait to see the movie! If the trailer is that cool, then the movie must be terrific! GREAT JOB! :)

Pdf Download

on 6 September 2001
i saw the trailer in a sneak preview. the audience became mad.
on 5 September 2001
Absolutely brilliant !!! I laughed my head off.
Well done, and very inspirational for me as an animator. Thanks
on 1 September 2001
I think this is going to be one of the funniest movies... plus for them ppl that didn't know the big thin at the end that says words is the same guy off every body loves raymond... he is raymond... I think this was a really funny...
on 30 August 2001
wow,very intresting,funy,full of smart and strong motions,artistic wishes for blue sky
on 28 August 2001
It's so damn funny! I laughed my ass off!
on 23 August 2001
Blue Sky Studios (who did this) are the masters. This is phenominal, and it's just the teaser!
Better character animators than ILM, and easily Pixar's rival.
If anyone wants to know what Blue Sky have done, go check their site. Their highlights include the Oscar-winning short 'Bunny' (words fail me every time I see it), Fight Club penguin, Alien Ressurrection underwater aliens, and the hilarious singing cockroaches in Joe's Apartment.
Yes, I'm raving. -And I don't even work for them (!).
Nice to see they're fans of the great Richard Williams, too.
on 12 August 2001
Well done guys !!!
It's a very funny and cute movie ... :) which has brighten my days. Worth of downloading and stored into pocket PC. Can't wait for the released movie already. Love it ...
on 12 August 2001
One of the best 2 minutes I have spent in a long time watching anything. Keep them coming. Great work!!!!
on 8 August 2001
Ice Age trailer appears in the previews of Jurassic Park III. I saw it there first almost died laughing right next to my daughter.
on 7 August 2001
I still have tears in my eyes and this is the third time I've watched it! I haven't laughed this hard in ages!
on 1 August 2001
I saw it on the net. Absolutely a master piece! Finally something different from ordinary american animation!
I haven't seen it in a movie theater. What movie do I have to see to check it out?
I also heard Peter DeSeve designed all the characters in the movie. He's my favorite illustrator!
on 30 July 2001
Very excellent animation. Worth seeing, even for this soon to be 22 year old. Download this trailer because it's worth it.
on 27 July 2001
This is a very funny trailer and well worth worth the download even if you have a slow connection.
Can't wait for the film!
on 24 July 2001
I love this trailer - here's some info I found:
the film is by Blue Sky Studios - a division of 20th century fox - they also did the Penguin sequence from Fight Club. Website is here
on 20 July 2001

And the Winner is..........
Great Work
on 19 July 2001
Incredible amazing lovely wonderfull crazy funny movie !!!!!!!
as you can read this sequence make me mad.
can some one post any info about this movie, are there a website, who work on it etc... ?
thanks in advance !
on 16 July 2001
Saw this trailer in the movie theatres. Absolutely hysterical. The sound effects are GREAT!
on 15 July 2001
Superb animation..I really liked that creature ;)
on 13 July 2001
It is a very good trailer.
Very funny. Muito bom!
on 8 July 2001
Nice Trailer with funny situations! I like it!!!
on 8 July 2001
We have this playing in the front window of our shop and everybody loves it! Can't wait for the movie.

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