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[PDF] The Last Outlaw Download by Stan Hansen. Download The Last Outlaw by Stan Hansen in PDF format complete free.

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“Stan Hansen was as important as anyone could possibly be. He knew what it took to draw money and he knew being physical was necessary. He could have been a star anywhere, but I thank God he came to All Japan for us.” — Terry Funk In addition to the stories about his time in the U.S., Stan Hansen’s account of his wrestling career is a veritable guidebook of professional wrestling in Japan. In “The Last Outlaw,” he tackles every subject imaginable as he educates and entertains readers with his stories about the promoters and their promotions, how the Japanese promoters operate their business behind the scenes, touring the country on the wrestling bus, the nightlife in the big cities, and how the sport in Japan differs from that in the U.S. Stan also shares stories of his time in Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and tells countless road tales about fellow wrestlers, like Andre the Giant, Terry Funk, Giant Baba, Jumbo Tsuruta, Bill Watts, Dick Murdoch, Ole Anderson, Harley Race, and Antonio Inoki. He goes into detail about his time in the AWA, how he came to win the AWA title, his confrontation with Verne Gagne prior to walking out, and what he really did with the title belt when he left the territory. Stan tells about wrestling in the WWWF, giving a detailed description of the match in which he broke Bruno Sammartino’s neck, the matches that followed, and the subsequent problems he had with Vince McMahon Sr. Stan relates hundreds of great stories about his runs with both New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Japan Pro Wrestling, including details of his meeting with Giant Baba that led to him leaving one for the other. And what would a “Stan Hansen book” be without personal stories about the time he spent with Bruiser Brody: how they first met, the story behind their becoming a team, spending time in the evenings on the streets and in the clubs of Japan, and his own, personal insight into the “real” Bruiser Brody. Stan usually did what he was asked him to do, but he didn’t want promoters to direct his life, so he became independent and took care of his own bookings. He refused to conform to what everyone expected. Most of all, he didn’t follow a script. He was innovative and ad lib, two character-istics that took him to the top of the wrestling business. As the wrestling business changed and became “sports entertainment,” he persevered and continued to wrestle “his style,” which was “act and react.” Just as Stan reached the pinnacle of success in his chosen profession, his story is also destined to become one of the most informative books ever written about professional wrestling. Travel down the road with Stan Hansen — The Last Outlaw.

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  • Full Book Name: The Last Outlaw
  • Author Name: Stan Hansen
  • Book Genre: Autobiography, Biography, Nonfiction
  • ISBN # 9780984409051
  • Date of Publication: 2011-8-1
  • PDF File Name: The_Last_Outlaw_-_Stan_Hansen.pdf
  • PDF File Size: 2.5 MB

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