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The conversation was fast and furious and, as far as I could tel , no decisions had been made.

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I was not participating. I’d never had a birthday party with more people than Nick and Auntie Reba in attendance. I didn’t feel I had anything to offer.

Our group consisted of al the girlie gang, including May, Tod and Stevie, and surprisingly Indy’s coffee guy, the humongous, hairy Tex.

Tex also didn’t participate in the party planning discussion.

Hank brought Roxie. Eddie brought Jet. Hank and Eddie didn’t sit with us but positioned themselves in the front room at the bar by the door. Jet said this was because they didn’t have a lot of insight into planning parties. I figured their presence at the bar at al was because I was there, they thought I was dangerous, I was with their women and they weren’t taking any chances. Thus they moved off to stand at the entrance and keep watch.

“Jules, who do you want us to invite?” Indy asked, pul ing me from my thoughts.

“Just Nick, my uncle, and Zip, Heavy and Frank,” I answered, wondering if they decided on a theme how any of those men would take to that idea. Not very wel , I guessed, and the thought of Heavy in a James Bond-esque costume made me smile.

I came back into the room and saw they were al staring at me.

“Zip the gun shop guy?” Jet asked.

“Yeah, he’s my friend,” I told her.

“Anyone else?” Indy cut in.

I shook my head.

She stared at me. “No one?” she went on.

I kept shaking my head.

“Friends form work?” Roxie prompted and I started to get uncomfortable.

“Let’s move on,” Tex boomed from beside me, saying his first words of the night (except, “Give me a Ralphie Burger and a Bud,” then, “What do you mean, you don’t have Budweiser? Fuck! This is America!”)

Everyone jumped at Tex’s boom, looked at each other and then they started a bewildering conversation about cashews.

This went on for awhile when Tex leaned into me. “You wanna blow this joint, go out, crack together some dealer heads?” he asked in a booming whisper.

The group had moved onto whether they should make a bowl of sangria, pitchers of margaritas or personal y created mojitos, which was apparently a very important decision that took al their undivided attention, so they missed Tex’s boom.

I turned to him. “I don’t crack heads very often. I usual y slash tires and throw smoke bombs,” I told him.

He stared at me.

I went on. “Sometimes I get creative with plastic wrap and once I doused a dealer’s Mercedes with canola oil.

Inside and out.”

At this he grinned. “Bet that took a lot of oil,” he said, sounding impressed.

“Three gal on jugs,” I smiled.

He nodded his appreciation. “You ever want to get serious, I know where to get tear gas and grenades,” he told me.

It was my turn to stare not knowing if he was serious or trying to be funny. I decided he was trying to be funny.

“I’l keep that in mind.”

He nodded again and then turned to the group and boomed, “Sangria! Next topic!”

I got up and announced, “I’m getting a drink, anyone need anything?”

Lots of shaking heads and then they moved on to decorations. Yay or nay and if yay, what kind?

I wandered to the bar. When I got to the front room it was packed. The only space available at the bar was next to Eddie Chavez.


Just my luck. I took a deep breath, slid in beside him and caught the bartender’s attention.

“What ‘cha need?” the bartender asked me.

“Diet,” I ordered.

He put ice in a glass and pul ed out the soft drink gun. I felt rather than saw Hank and Eddie’s eyes on me.

I turned to them. “Hey,” I said.

Yep, they were both looking at me but neither responded to my greeting.


The bartender set the drink in front of me.

“How much?” I asked.

He grinned then winked. “That’s on the house,” he said.


I’d heard that before.

“How much?” I repeated, making my point that I was

He blinked then his face fel . He was cute and probably not accustomed to being shot down.

I felt sorry for him but I needed to flirt with a bartender like I needed a hole in the head. Firstly, Eddie and Hank were watching, they were friends of Vance’s and even though I was not
Vance, everyone including Vance thought I was. Secondly, I wasn’t into the bartender, I wasn’t into anyone including Vance (okay, that last part was a lie but I wasn’t adverse to lying to myself in extreme situations).

“A buck fifty,” the bartender cut into my Romantic Denial Reverie.

Rock Chick Renegade Pdf Free Download Pc

I dug in my purse, got out my wal et, gave him two dol ars and he wandered away.

“Crash and burn,” Eddie muttered under his breath as I threw my wal et back in my purse.

“Sorry?” I asked even though I heard him.

Eddie moved away from the bar to stand beside me and Hank moved forward, both of them effectively fencing me in.

“Word of advice?” Eddie said, ignoring my earlier question.

I took a sip and glanced at him over the rim of my glass.

Then I put the drink on the bar.

I did not want a word of advice from Eddie Chavez.

Instead, so as not to be rude, I said, “Sure.”

“Whatever Darius offers, take it, save face and get off the street.”


I was thinking these boys weren’t big fans of The Law.

I decided not to answer.

“You have a good reputation for the work you do. People respect you and have for a long time. Until this,” Hank said, respect you and have for a long time. Until this,” Hank said, standing in front of me. “It’s understandable. You work hard to keep these kids clean, when one of them goes down you want to do something. But Jules, you’re goin’ about it the wrong way.”

Okay, so even though Hank was being nice, I figured it was time to be rude.

“Thanks for the advice but you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about,” I said to Hank.

“We’re both Vice,” Eddie told me.

“I know what you are,” I replied.

“That means we do know what we’re talkin’ about,” Hank said.

“I know what Vice is,” I turned back to Hank.

“It’s about the kids,” Eddie murmured to Hank.

“Yeah,” I said to Eddie, my voice was low and serious and not to be mistaken, “it’s about the kids.” Eddie just looked at me, unaffected by my-word-is-law tone.

“Maybe you should know Lee’s on his own with this one.

Darius wants you off the streets and so do I,” Eddie said. “I don’t agree with Lee and if I see you on the streets, fuckin’

around where you shouldn’t be, I’l take you down.” The way he said it made me think this wasn’t an idle threat. Now I had the dealers and the cops actively against me. This wasn’t surprising but it was annoying.

I didn’t respond.

“You get caught, taken in, it could mean you lose your job,” Hank told me.

“I’l take my chances,” I returned.

“I’l take my chances,” I returned.

“We bring you down, we’l go after Zip, Heavy and Frank next. They should know better than encourage you to put your ass out there,” Hank went on.

Damn, Vance had been talking.

Now I was beginning to get mad. “Zip, Heavy and Frank don’t
me out there. They can’t control me any more than Crowe can. They’re just giving me the knowledge to keep me from getting hurt.”

“They don’t have that much knowledge,” Hank returned, his voice and eyes hard.

Before I could reply, Eddie leaned in. “Something else, Law. You get Jet involved in any of this shit, she, or any of them, gets caught up or put in danger –”

“Back off, Chavez,” my patience was waning, “they came to me. I’m not recruiting. This is a one woman deal.”

“This shit spreads,” Eddie warned.

“I’d sooner gnaw off my own goddamned arm than see Jet or Indy or Roxie or any of them, get hurt,” I told the boys.


And to my surprise, I meant it and the looks on their faces told me they believed me.

Final y.

“They’re planning a birthday party not a vigilante drug war,” I continued.

This was met with silence.

“Though, Tex did offer me tear gas and grenades,” I shared.

“Jesus Christ,” Hank muttered under his breath.

“Don’t take him up on it,” Eddie said straight out.

I stared. “I thought he was joking,” I murmured.

“Fuck.” It was Eddie’s turn to mutter under his breath.

Before anyone could say anything else, Indy walked up to us, burrowing in between Eddie and Hank.

“Hey guys.” She smiled then she looked between the three of us, felt the tension and her smile faded. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” I said immediately. “So, is it cashews or macadamia nuts?”

She looked at me. “Cashews. It’s always cashews and you aren’t fooling anyone.” Her eyes flashed between Eddie and Hank. “You two, back off.”

“Stay out of it Indy,” Eddie said.

stay out of it. This is Jules’s deal,” Indy returned.

“Indy –” Hank started but Indy cut him off.

“Excuse me but wasn’t it you that went bal istic when Roxie was kidnapped? Lee nearly had to lock you into the safe room.”

Hank’s eyes remained hard but he didn’t respond.

Indy’s gaze cut to Eddie. “As for you, you think you wouldn’t go maverick if something happened to Hector?” Indy asked Eddie.

“Hector?” I cut in.

Rock Chick Renegade Pdf Free Download Free

“Eddie’s younger brother,” Indy told me.

“I’m a cop,” Eddie reminded Indy.

“You’re a cop who already doesn’t fol ow the rules. You’d lose your fucking mind if something happened to Hector and it could and we both know it.”

“Hector’s my brother, this kid Jules is avenging –” Eddie started.

“He meant something to her,” Indy interrupted him.

“God dammit, Indy –” Eddie carried on and Indy leaned in.

“ He
something to her,” she said quietly. “You know how it is. You already lost Darius, Eddie, and what happened to him turned you into a cop. You
.” I watched, fascinated, as Indy and Eddie squared off.

Neither spoke. Neither moved.

I was beginning to think Indy was a bit of a head-crackin’

mamma jamma too.

I realized this could go on al night. “Oh, for goodness sakes,” I cut in, “it’s cool, we’re cool, the world is cool. Indy, do you want a drink?”

She tore her gaze away from Eddie’s and looked at me.

“I can’t. Lee cal ed. It’s time.”

Saved by the cal from the badass boy.

“Great,” I said, “let’s go.”

Indy kept glaring at them both deciding to include Hank in her unhappiness. I grabbed her arm deciding not to go the way of the glare; I’d already been rude enough. I dragged her to the door.

We were in Hazel and on our way to the Nightingale Investigations offices before I asked about Hector.

“Lee, Eddie and Darius were al best friends for as long as I can remember. As kids they were wild, serious wild, crazy wild,” she told me, then stopped.

“Yeah?” I prompted. I kept my eyes on the road but I heard and felt her move in her seat to turn to me.

heard and felt her move in her seat to turn to me.

“It isn’t my place to say, but we al loved Darius, we al stil do,” she said, shocking me.

I didn’t respond.

“He was a great guy. I think he stil is that guy, somewhere deep. When he was in his late teens, his Dad was murdered. Long story, sad and ugly. Darius had a rough time, fel in with a bad man, lost his way and never found it back.”


I nodded. Some people were born bad; some people were forced into it. It was interesting to know which sort of person Darius was.

“Lee and Eddie had different reactions to this. Lee straightened up and went into the Army. Eddie straightened up and went into the Academy. Regardless, they’re al close to this day.”

“And Hector?” I asked.

“Hector’s a wildcard. No one knows what he’s into and he’s gone off the radar. Eddie and Lee are trying to get a lock on him but they’re getting nothing. I told you about Lee, Eddie and Darius because they could get into some big trouble, hotwiring cars, bar fights, shit like that. Rumor has it Hector’s giving them a run for their money. We’re talking bad shit far beyond hotwiring cars and bar fights.” I pul ed in my lips, catching her meaning. I didn’t respond and simply drove.

Indy went silent until we got close to Lee’s offices and she directed me into an underground parking area. I parked next to Vance’s Harley.

The sight of it made my heart skip a beat.

The sight of it made my heart skip a beat.

“Vance has a great bike,” Indy breathed, staring at it.

“You can say that again,” I told her.

She smiled at me. “You ride on it yet?”

I nodded.

“Is it hot?” she asked.

I nodded again, this time on a grin.

“Lee has a Ducati.”

“Nice,” I said slow.

Rock chick renegade pdf free download pc

She started to giggle and for some reason so did I.

After we finished giggling, we got out, went into the building and walked up some flights of stairs. Outside the door that had a plaque that said “Nightingale Investigations” on it, I stopped and turned to her.

“I hear anything about Hector, I’l let you know. You can do with it whatever you want.”

“I’d appreciate that,” she said then she went on, “so would Eddie.”

I figured I could use a favor from Eddie, especial y since he intended to “take me down”.

We walked into the offices. Al the lights were on and I was surprised at the reception area, it screamed money.

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