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Christmas gets a really bad rap for being super stressful. And I get it, it totally can be! Everything from buying gifts, to creating the perfect Christmas dinner can be enough to put anyone over the edge. But what if this year was different? What if you could enjoy Christmas this year? What if it was actually fun?! That’s why I created my Christmas Planner!

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If you plan everything you possibly can in advance and if you are proactive about getting things done, the stress of the holidays nearly melts away! I am living proof! Some people think that you shouldn’t start Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. Or that you shouldn’t put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving either. But by doing these things, I have been able to significantly enjoy Christmas so much more.

Here is a list of ideas for ways you can make Christmas stress-free:

  • Take Christmas Card photos a couple of months early
  • Send out Christmas cards by December 1st
  • Have shopping done by mid-November
  • Have all presents wrapped by mid-December
  • Plan Neighbor gifts well in advance and deliver them at the first of the month
  • Decorate your home for Christmas before Thanksgiving
  • Decide what things are no longer necessary and what things are worth the time and effort you put into them (ex: Elf on the Shelf)
  • Find a few things that you can simplify
  • Set a priority list for things that are important to you and your family (traditions, treats to make, books to read, etc.)

The Past is a Good Teacher

I have 3 small children at home, my oldest being 10. If you think about it, the magical Christmas years only last for a few years for our kids. The last thing I want to be doing is running around like a chicken with my head cut off ‘trying to get things done’.

I want to spend my evenings with my kids reading Christmas books by the Christmas tree. Take my kids on a surprise Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt in their jammies. I want to remember these magical memories with my kids and not have the stress of the holidays engrained in my memory.

The christmas backup plan pdf free download torrent

So a few years ago, I made a change to my Christmas preparations. One year in particular I started preparing for Christmas earlier and it actually made our Christmas so much more enjoyable. I planned out everyone’s gifts and made it a game to find the best deal on that item to save us money. I wrapped presents early. I delivered neighbor gifts at the beginning of the month instead of the day before Christmas. These all may seem like such small things but when you have a million little things they add up to be a lot! It made such a difference in my Christmas season and I loved every second of it. I was also able to remember the Savior significantly more throughout the season instead of all of the other distractions.

Why a Christmas Planner

“Preparation for the holidays is absolutely essential for enjoying the holidays.”

This is why I created my planner printables. I want to help you plan for Christmas and not be a slave to Christmas. I want you to create beautiful memories with your friends and family that you will cherish for a lifetime. When you can plan ahead, and start checking things off of your list, you can enjoy the season more because you are getting things accomplished a little bit at a time. I am giving away 7 free pages of printables for FREE!! Just enter in your information below and I will email it to you!

I started creating these planner pages as a freebie for this post and just kept creating more and more pages! I kept thinking of all of the different ways that I personally needed to be organized for the holiday season and I didn’t stop for days! My entire planner actually comes with 20 pages of Planner Printables. So if you want my entire set of planner pages you can grab it here.

My Christmas Planner includes 20 different pages of planner printables:

  • Baking Menu
  • Black Friday List
  • Christmas Budget Sheet
  • Christmas Day Schedule
  • Christmas Eve Schedule
  • Christmas Dinner Guest List
  • Christmas Gift list – 3 different Styles!
  • Christmas Shopping List by Store
  • Cyber Monday List
  • December Calendar
  • November Calendar
  • Dinner Menu Sheet
  • Party Planning Sheet
  • Christmas Savings Sheet

If you just want to stick to the free pages, feel free to enter your information and I’ll send you 7 Christmas Planner Pages, for free! I wish you all the best this Christmas Season.

FREE Printable Christmas Budget planner templates for 2021 are here! You can download or print these for 100% FREE to make your 2021 Christmas Day Budget planning much easier!

4 total pages (Plus, Christmas coupon & sales tracker worksheet), includes everything you need to budget and plan the perfect Christmas (without breaking the bank!)


The Christmas Backup Plan Pdf Free Download Free

Printable Christmas Budget Planner Includes:

  • Cover Page
  • Christmas Holiday Budget Printable Break-down Sheet
  • Christmas Budget Coupons & Holiday Sales Tracker List
  • Christmas Budget Blank Items List Sheet (Fill in what you want!)
  • Christmas Gift Budget (Break down gifts & budget by person!)

From planning out your Christmas budget to tracking holiday coupons & sales – This printable Christmas Budget Planner has it all!

I love designing printables to help people live their best lives! Some, I give away for FREE in my FREE Printables section, others I sell (like the beautiful full-colored version of the Printable Christmas Budget Planner!)

The Christmas Backup Plan Pdf Free Download Torrent

Or, if you prefer, you can download the black & white version FREE printable Christmas Budget Planner (at the very bottom) & color it for a fun activity!

Either way, these Christmas Budget Planners are sure to make sticking to your Christmas Budget a breeze!


Download or Print the FREE Printable Christmas Budget Planner PDF (Black & White)

The Christmas Backup Plan Pdf free. download full

  • Click on the link below the picture to pull up the FREE printable Christmas Budget Planner PDF Template. =)
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  • If you choose to download your Christmas Budget Planner PDF design, you can find the downloaded page in the bottom left corner of your internet window.
  • Click on it to open it.
  • The FREE Printable Christmas Day Savings Planner .pdf file will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader (If you don’t have it, you can download it for free here).
  • Default paper size is 8″ x 10″ to fit both letter-size (US) & A4 (UK) paper!

This FREE online printable Holiday Budget Worksheet (Black & White Colorable version) is my gift to you!

This is 100% free for your personal use, but please never sell or redistribute these, as they are owned and copyrighted by

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The Christmas Backup Plan Pdf Free Download Online

And voila!

You have a FREE Printable Christmas Budget Planner that is sure to make your Christmas Gift Budget for 2021 stay on track!

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