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Black Snake audiobook

The True story of Ned Kelly, Australia's most famous bushranger


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Balanced Particle Freeway (1997)

90-min telemovie written by Carole Wilkinson.

Welcome to the far-famed and most reliable Balanced Particle Freeway!.

A dragon crashlands in a garden and sends two children on an exciting adventure around the world.

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Dragonkeeper short stories

Lost Letter from Ping(961 KB PDF)

Read after Dragon Moon. Contains spoilers for Dragonkeeper books 1-3


Leaving Home: A Prologue to Blood Brothers(2 MB PDF)

Accompanies Blood Brothers

Pema’s Journey(3 MB PDF)

What happened to Pema between Blood Brothers and Shadow Sister

Kai’s Recipes: Tasty Treats for Dragons(5 MB PDF)

Note: These recipes are, sadly, not suitable for humans. It is advised that sensitive children, nature lovers and vegetarians do not read the following.

Regarding Dragons: A Dragonkeeper’s Guide to Dragons, written by Huan Tao(2 MB PDF)

Read after Bronze Bird Tower

Sunila’s Story(1 MB PDF)

Dragon keeper game

What happened to the naga Sunila between Shadow Sister and Bronze Bird Tower

Puzzles & maps

Han Empire at the time of the Dragonkeeper(53 KB JPG)

Printable version

‘Ming Yang Lodge’ from Garden of the Purple Dragon(84 KB JPG)

Printable version

‘Chinese Empire in the Han Dynasty’ map from Dragon Moon(79 KB JPG)

Printable version

‘Danzi’s map of the Empire on silk square’ map from Dragon Moon(51 KB JPG)

The Dragon Keeper PDF Free Download

Printable version

‘Map of China in the Sixteen Kingdoms Period’ from Blood Brothers(91 KB GIF)

Printable version

The dragon keeper pdf

‘Map of Luoyang Region’ from Blood Brothers(114 KB GIF)

Printable version

The dragon keeper pdf free. download full

‘Luoyang 325 CE’ map from Blood Brothers(115 KB GIF)

The Dragon Keeper Pdf Free Download Game

Printable version

‘All under Heaven’ map from Dragon Dawn(71 KB JPG)

The Dragon Keeper Pdf Free Download Pdf

Printable version

Sample chapters


Dragonkeeper series (Blood Brothers cover)

Dragonkeeper (Second edition)

Dragonkeeper (First edition)

Garden of the Purple Dragon (Second edition)

Garden of the Purple Dragon (First edition)

Dragon Moon (Second edition)

The Dragon Keeper Pdf

Dragon Moon (First edition)

Dragon Dawn