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Your middle grade learners are likely craving new experiences and adventures. In Summer of the Mariposas by Guadalupe Garcia McCall, readers accompany the Garza sisters on their journey into Mexico and back as they solve a mystery, meet mythical figures, and battle strange beasts, while also navigating the real life challenges of adolescence, parents, and siblings.

Download the materials in this unit to support students as they read this engaging novel. This unit consists of 14 self-guided lessons that include video interviews with author Guadalupe Garcia McCall, questions for learning and reflection, and writing prompts and guidelines for creative projects. The novel Summer of the Mariposas is available through public library apps or for purchase on well known sites—in both English and Spanish versions.

Lesson 1: The Importance of Beginnings

The Summer Sisters Pdf Free Download Torrent

Writers are usually pretty careful about their first sentences. They know the reader will be paying attention, so they often give some interesting clues about the elements of the story. The Prologue in Summer of the Mariposas does not disappoint in this regard.

Lesson 2: Understanding Odilia

Odilia is the oldest of the five sisters, but who is she really? Pay close attention to how she is described, what she says, and what she does to try to piece together a clear picture of the type of person she is.

Lesson 3: The Characterization of the Garza Sisters

“Cinco hermanitas, together forever.” Odilia is not on her own; her sisters play important roles, too. Pay attention in this lesson to what the sisters say and do to get a better idea of who they are.

Lesson 4: The Hero’s Journey Structure

Are heroes chosen for their natural heroic characteristics or is their strength and wisdom gained over the course of their journeys? Maybe a bit of both, considering what happens in many of our favorite stories and films.

Lesson 5: Symbolism and the Butterfly

Symbols are everywhere. They’re on the streets you walk, the clothes you wear, the shows you watch. In fact, they’re in this book, too. It’s time to figure out what symbols are and what they mean.


Lesson 6: Working with Theme—A Family Lost?


Odilia’s mission: Take the dead guy back to his family, help lost family members find each other, and make her family whole again. What exactly does all of that mean?

Lesson 7: Ignoring the Warning Signs

The summer sisters pdf free. download full

After something happens, we often think back and realize that there were warning signs. In literature, authors include these warning signs as foreshadowing. Before the girls find out the truth about Cecilia, are there clues about what might happen? Why do the girls go with her at all?

Lesson 8: Different Dreams, Different Journeys

Enrique’s Journey is the true story of a sixteen-year-old boy who travels thousands of miles from Honduras to the United States to find his mother, who left home eleven years ago. Learn what his journey is like and think about how it is similar—and different—to the trip the Garza sisters take in Summer of the Mariposas. Note: no video for this lesson.

Lesson 9: How does the sisters’ relationship change?, Pt 1

The sisters have been on this journey for quite some time. They returned the dead body, encountered their first monster, Cecilia, and are now on a mission to get back to Hacienda Dorada. Pay attention to the impact the journey has on the sisters as a group by comparing and contrasting the way they act at the beginning of the book with how they are acting now.

Lesson 9: How does the sisters’ relationship change?, Pt 2

Watch the second video and follow the instructions in the student document.

Lesson 10: Discovering Aztec Ancestors

Did you know that many of the characters in this story like La Llorona, the chupacabras, and el nagual are from Aztec and Chicano myths and legends? Today, you get to research a character and make a lotería card.

Lesson 11: Reimagining Aztec Ancestors

Now that you’re an expert on the Mexican folklore character that you researched, let’s see how the same character is portrayed in this story. You will complete the Aztec lotería card you started in the previous lesson.

Lesson 12: Symbolism Revisited

Authors often use symbols to give their writing a deeper meaning. In Lesson 5, you investigated how Guadalupe Garcia McCall uses butterflies as a symbol to add nuances to her story. What else have you noticed about this symbol? What other symbols can you identify in Summer of the Mariposas?

Lesson 13: Completing the Hero’s Journey

The Garza girls are back in Texas and things have certainly changed. Using the stages of the hero’s journey as a guide, we will take a look at all of the changes that have taken place and what they mean to the characters. You will complete the Hero’s Journey Map that you began in Lesson 4.

The Summer Sisters PDF Free DownloadDownload

Lesson 14: Working with Theme: A Family Made Whole

At the beginning of this book, Odilia was given a mission. First, take the dead guy back to his family. Done. Second, help lost family members find each other and make the family whole again. Did she accomplish her mission?

The Summer Sisters Pdf free. download full

Meet The Illustrator

Summer Sisters Pdf

Meet the illustrator of Amplify ELA’s Summer of the Mariposas unit and complete an art project to go along with the text.