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  • Download this free children’s book to read about how he chose to stand his ground and took courage to validate his actions. A little bit of honesty and a little bit of courage had gone a long way in boosting Jamal’s belief in himself. Read more in this free children’s real aloud and be truly inspired.
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Who let the dog out pdf free download freeWho Let The Dog Out? PDF Free Download

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These books are in PDF form and can be downloaded and printed from your computer, one page at a time, or the whole book. The great thing about e-coloring books is that they are never 'full'! You can print a new copy again and again. Mess up? Print a new copy of that page and color it again. Have a favorite page? Print it and color it as many times as you want. Got more than one grandchild? Print as many copies of the coloring book as you need so each child can have their own copy to color. All this flexibility extends to craft uses as well. You can copy a design into your preferred software to create t-shirts, greeting cards, stencils, or patterns. (Be sure and check the information in each book as some have different degrees of usability. I'm sure they are all available for any personal use, but you may have to have the artists permission to create products for sale)

Who Let The Dogs Out Youtube

None of the art in these coloring books is by the artist who creates the Color-Your-Own.com coloring pages (Summer Fey Foovay). These are e-coloring books for which I have purchased resale rights. I'm making them available to you free as an addition to the Color-Your-Own.com site, hoping to make it more useful for you.

Who Let The Dogs Out Remix

Didn't find what you need? Additional selections available at Coloring Pages for Kids which contain images for older children as well

Lyrics Who Let The Dogs Out Meaning

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ABCs Coloring Book58This ABC coloring book includes two sets of ABC coloring pages, and a few activity pages. The first set of ABCs is so terribly pixelated as to almost be more useful as connect the dots! The activity pages do not merit mention. However, the second set of ABCs is an excellent group of line drawings. They may be a bit complex for younger children to color - but they would be great for crafters or someone creating clipart or flashcards for homeschooling. A bit of a mixed bag.

Best use: The second set of ABC coloring pages would be great for crafters, clipart, homeschoolers, or older children.

Click here to download
Animal Alphabet Coloring Book27Fine, simple, cartoon line drawings for younger children. Some of the animals are so cartooned as to be hard to recognize, and a few might be a bit hard for young children to understand - such as the 'nurse shark' for N. Some crafters may also find the line drawings useful.

Best Use:Young children, line art for crafters

Click here to download
Airport (A visit to the) Coloring Book67This coloring book is in a cartoon style. You'll find all the people and scenes you are likely to see at the airport.

Best for: Good for younger children, trips to the airport or discussion or homeschooling about airports. Would also be useful to crafters or homeschoolers with specific needs such as a line drawing of a pilot or stewardess.

Click here to download
Angels Coloring Book36A wide variety of angels in this coloring book means that there are coloring pages suitable for children of any age, as well as adults and crafters. Some animal angels included, too.

Best Use: Children of all ages, adults, line art for crafters, clipart

Click here to download
Boat (My Boat Toons) Coloring Book33As the title suggests, these are cartoon style line drawings of boats and boaters. Several of them made me LOL!

Best for:Good for kids of all ages, these line drawings would also be great to color on the computer and use for clipart, such as fun icons for boaters, or as line drawings for crafters. Everything from a log raft to submarines.

Click here to download
Bug Coloring Book40This coloring bookis a mixed group of bugs, or insects. There are a couple of very nice butterfly drawings, and a good praying mantis as well as some amusing cartoon bugs. Some of the drawings are well reproduced while others are somewhat pixelated or uneven. A few pictures are scientifically accurate, but the majority of them are not.

Best use: A few of the pages may be useful for homeschoolers or older children and adults. Some of the cartoon drawings will amuse and be useful for younger children. Some of the line art may be useful for crafters.

Click here to download
Butterflies Coloring Book107This is a great selection of line drawings of butterflies and moths that would be fantastic for older children and adults, as well as craft use. One of the nicest coloring books in this collection IMHO.

Best Use: coloring pages for older children and adults, crafts

Click Here to Download
Cars Coloring Book53This is another really nice coloring book with fine line drawings of race cars, sports cars, trucks, SUVs, antique cars and my favorite - a VW bug!

Best Use: Fantastic for older children and adults, as well as line art for crafters, or for creating your own clipart

Click Here to Download
Cat Coloring Book - Vol.149Charming cartoon cats. Good quality line drawings. Some of them are guarenteed to make the cat lover smile.

Best Use: Younger children, line art for crafts

Click Here to Download
Cat Coloring Book - Vol.248Good quality line more realistic drawings of cats to color for adults or older children.

Best Use: Coloring pages for adults or older children, line art for crafters

Click here to download
Cat Coloring Book - Vol.349Another lovely collection of high quality cartoon cat line art that lends itself to many uses and oh yes, will put a smile on the cat lovers face.

Best Use: Coloring pages for younger children (although older children and adults may also enjoy them), line art for crafts, clipart.

Click here to download
Celtic Animals for Coloring and Crafts85Wow. High quality line art of celtic designs incorporating animals.

Best Use: Adults or older children coloring pages, crafts, clipart.

Click here to download
Christmas Coloring Book56Typical Christmas coloring book, cartoon style art, good quality. Christmas trees, gifts, Santas, candy canes, etc.

Best Use: Coloring pages for younger children

Click here to download
Construction Coloring Book36Cartoon style drawings of typical workers, tools, and trucks seen at a construction site. Like the coloring book above, many of these drawings would also make good clipart or line drawings for crafters. A few of the drawings of the heavy equipment are a bit pixelated, as though they were englarged from smaller art.

Best for: Younger children, line art for crafters, clipart.

Click here to download
Dinosaur Coloring Book32This is something of a mixed bag. It might better be titled 'Prehistoric Creatures Coloring Book' as there are as many of the amazing prehistoric mammals represented as dinosaurs. About half of the drawings are fine line, complex art that would be very pleasing for an adult or older child to complete, including a stunningly ferocious looking Saber Tooth Cat. The other half are simpler line drawings suitable for young children, as well as for crafts. A couple of the drawings are repeated.

Best use: Coloring pages for children and adults of all ages, line art for crafts

Click here to download
Dogs Coloring Book102A large selection of quality cartoon line art depicting dogs of all kinds doing all sorts of dog things, as well as 'human' things like playing baseball and graduating, as well as many loveable drawings of dogs with their people.

Best Uses: Younger children will color these drawings for hours. Crafters may find useful line drawings. Some cute clipart and icons could also be created from them.

Click here to download
Dragon Coloring Book35First, I have to admit my personal preference for fierce, dignified dragons. And there are one or two of those in this selection. However, most of them tend towards the very cartoony, slightly silly dragons. I admit, the drawing of a knight kicking a dragon in the hind end made me laugh though! The quality is mostly good, there are a few slightly pixelated pages.

Best Use: Younger kids, possibly crafts.

Click here to download
Easter Coloring Book78Ducks, chicks, rabbits, easter eggs, spring flowers, and easter baskets in abundance. For some reason there are two seperate series of coloring pages at the end - one fine line drawings for older children or adults, one cartoon style - that illustrate Goldilocks and the 3 Bears story. The first few pages are pixelated, but the rest are fine so don't let them turn you off.

Best Use: Quite a variety of line drawings here make this coloring book suitable for all ages as well as crafters, and clipart for the holiday.

Click here to download
Elf and Fairy Coloring Book32IMHO I'm glad I didn't pay money for this one. Mostly very cartoon style, with the exception of a couple of quite nice designs that might be suitable for scrapbooking or stationery, for the most part I wouldn't bother printing this one out. There is one cute cartoon of an elf with a baby dragon.

Best Use: Coloring pages for young children, with a couple of exceptions which might interest crafters.

Click here to download
Farm (Down on the) Coloring Book54This is a coloring and activity book with several workbook like activities such as match the farm animal to their sound, or the product they produce, and one dot to dot. The book is clearly put together using a number of different sources, and as such the quality is very uneven. Some pages are turned sideways. Some of the art is quite poor and also badly pixelated, other pages are acceptable, and a few are quite good. Farm animals, tractors, tools and common farm activities as well as a number of barnyard drawings to color are included. My advice here would be to look it over and print just the pages you are interested in.

Best for:Pick and choose from activity pages, coloring pages for very young children, some possible uses as line art for crafters.

Click here to download
Fashion Coloring Book Vol.190Reasonably nice line drawings of women in all sorts of fashions from casual to business wear and even including a bit of ethnic costume.

Best Use: Coloring pages for older children or adults.

Click here to download
Fashion Coloring Book Vol.2148More stylized drawings than the first volume, with buildings in the background make this coloring book look like more fun to me. Men and children are also included in this volume.

Best Use: Coloring pages for older children and adults

Click here to download
Fish (My Gone Fishing) Coloring Book34This cartoon style coloring book seems to have been created from several different sources. Most of the fish have crazy expressions from fear to smiles on their faces. Drawings range from extremely simple to simple line drawings. Although the title suggests to me game fish and fishermen, this is actually a compilation of fish line drawings ranging from aquarium fish, to ocean fish, to imaginary fish.

Best use: Young children. Crafters may find some of the line art useful.

Click here to download
Fish (Stained Glass) Coloring Book34Oval and circular designs, stained glass type stylized fish designs. Some of them look rather distorted to me, as if they were circular, then pulled out to be oval, or were resized by pulling the edges. Otherwise, the quality is good.

Best Use: Coloring pages for older children or adults more interested in design than realism.

Click here to download
Flower Coloring Book Vol.1, 2, 3,4,5,6 53The complexity of these line drawings lend themselves to the entertainment of older children and adults. Some might make nice clip art when colored, or be useful line art for crafts. Each volume contains 53 pages and they are all different.

Best Use: Coloring pages for older children and adults, line art for crafts

Click here to download:
Horse Coloring Book32At least four of the drawings here are repeated. However, most of them are nice realistic fine line drawings suitable for older children or adults for coloring. A few are obviously from old books and have the old problems with proportions and realism. All showing riding are English riding style.

Best Use: Good coloring pages for older children or adults

Click here to download
Insects Coloring Book31Cartoons for little kids. A few drawings are slightly pixelated. There are a few more complex butterfly line drawings that might interest older children or adults.

Best Use: Coloring pages for young children

Click here to download
Jobs (Male) Coloring Book43Cartoon style coloring pages labeled 'When I grow up, I want to be' and then illustrated with a variety of jobs, and in this case all the people are men. Police officer, chef, baker, artist and more.

Best use: Coloring pages for younger children, some of the illustrations might be useful as line art for crafters

Click here to download
Mazes54More of an activity book than a coloring book, there are a variety of mazes with different themes suitable for children of all ages.

Best Use: Activity book for children of all ages

Click here to download
Medieval Coloring Book31A variety of line drawings to color featuring everything from cartoon style monsters or medival characters such as wizards and knights, to more sophisticated line art of hearaldry and knights.

Best Use: Varied content means this is useable as a coloring book for all ages of children up to adults, as well as line art for crafts.

Click here to download
Nursery Rhymes54Again, something of a mixed bag. Some of the pages have the rhymes they illustrate on them, some do not. Some are very simple cartoon charactors for young children, others are complex line drawings that would appeal to older children or adults.

Best Use: Coloring pages for children and adults.

Click here to download
Sea Friends31Cartoon style line drawings suitable mainly for younger children. One drawing is repeated. Apparently, frogs and alligators also live in the sea.

Best Use: Coloring pages for younger children

Click here to download
Stained Glass97I do not work in stained glass, so I'm not a very good judge of how good these patterns are for crafts, but the drawings are good quality. Many different patterns.

Best Use: Stained glass patterns for crafts or coloring by older children and adults

Click here to download
Trip to the Hospital Coloring Book37Cartoon style line drawings for younger children featuring all the things you might see or experience at the hospital.

Best Use: Coloring pages for younger children

Click here to download
Vacation Coloring Book35Cartoon style line drawings suitable for younger children featuring various scenes or things you might do on vacation. A few of the drawings from the airport coloring book are repeated here.

Best Use: Coloring pages for younger children

Click here to download
Zoo animals Coloring Book58Apparently collected from a variety of sources, still most of these are good quality complex drawings that will appeal to older children and adults, with a few more cartoon style for younger children. Some might lend themselves to use as line art for crafts as well.

Best Use: Coloring pages for older children and adults, line art for crafters

Click here to download

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